Omohundro Company designs and manufactures radomes ...
Reflectors will be designed to meet customer specifications ....
Omohundro Company designs and manufactures polarizers...
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Other Structures
These structures are aerodynamic exterior components that ...
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  • Customer supplied data
    • Spec (or general requirements)
    • 3D model (if possible)
    • Mylars
  • Infinite RF Flat Panel Analysis
    • VBROP
    • CST Microwave Studio
      These computer programs are an excellent tool to predict the transmission loss versus frequency and angle for E-field parallel and perpendicular to the wave incidence plane for large radomes with moderate curvature.
    • Flat Panel Analysis (SAMPLE)
      The attached sample is a 2D flat panel analysis. These reports can be tailored to analyze for many different RF requirements depending on the scope of the application. Omohundro also offers 3D RF Analysis, this report is more extensive and is used to analyze for such things as antenna distortion, bore sight shift and side lobe degradation.
  • Structural analysis- (sample)
    • Cosmos
      In compliance with customer specification, Omohundro develops three-dimensional finite element model analyses and detailed hand analysis, stress calculations using the minimum allowable material properties at the maximum and minimum service temperatures. Stress analyses will be performed to demonstrate the radome assembly is structurally capable of withstanding the load requirements.

    • Structural Analysis (SAMPLE)
      The sample file attached is a condensed version of what a typical stress analysis would involve. The final stress analysis report on this sample project totaled 42 pages. Structural Analysis is often used to analyze for many environmental conditions if requested.
  • Part Design
  • Tool Design
    • Catia V
    • Solid Works